Ethereum Name Service Unveils Brand Refresh to Bridge Web2 and Web3



Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has unveiled a new brand identity and website at EthCC[7].
The rebrand aims to make Web3 more accessible and user-friendly for newcomers.
ENS is keeping its iconic logo but refreshing its brand aesthetic.
The main ENS application remains unchanged, with updates applying to marketing materials.
The rebrand focuses on creating an intuitive user experience similar to the traditional internet.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS), the open-source blockchain naming protocol, has revealed a reinvigorated brand identity and revamped website experience at EthCC[7] in Brussels.

Launched on July 8, 2024, this brand refresh represents ENS’s commitment to bridging the gap between the traditional internet and the decentralized web, with the goal of making the online world more intuitive, accessible, and empowering for all users.

While maintaining its iconic logo, ENS has refreshed its brand aesthetic. The update applies to ENS’s marketing materials, including the website and social media presence. However, it’s important to note that the main ENS application, powered by the Thorin design system, remains unchanged.

Khori Whittaker, Executive Director of ENS Labs, explained the significance of this rebranding effort:

“This rebrand marks a turning point for ENS as we set out to refresh the internet. We’re meeting people where they are today – curious about Web3 but cautious about diving in. By shedding complex tech talk and embracing accessible language and design, we’re stepping into the spotlight as your friendly guide to the new internet.”

The primary goal of this rebrand is to address one of the biggest challenges facing Web3: user onboarding. While digital identity ownership through ENS has always been an easy entry point into the Web3 space, the project aims to create a user experience that feels as intuitive as using the traditional internet.

This approach is designed to simplify how crypto-curious individuals enter the space, even as new technical changes like ENSv2 are implemented.

Domenico Perri, Head of Design and UX at ENS Labs, emphasized the inclusive nature of this rebranding effort:

“We’re building bridges, connecting tech enthusiasts with curious newcomers to create a vibrant community where everyone belongs. Our goal is simple: to create a better internet for all. This rebrand is our invitation to you – regardless of your background or expertise – to join us in this transformative journey.”

The rebrand focuses on several key aspects:

User Experience: ENS aims to create an interface that doesn’t resemble the often technical and complicated UX associated with Web3. Instead, it strives to mirror the familiarity of using the traditional internet.
Accessibility: By adopting more accessible language and design, ENS is positioning itself as a friendly guide to the new internet, making Web3 concepts more understandable to a broader audience.
Trust: The rebrand is designed to make the decentralized internet feel more trustworthy and approachable, addressing potential concerns of newcomers to the space.
Collaboration: ENS is fostering a sense of community and collaboration, inviting users from all backgrounds to participate in shaping the future of the internet.

To promote this new brand identity, ENS is employing tactics typically associated with Web2 marketing, such as a global billboard campaign. This approach aims to reach a wider audience and demonstrate that Web3 technologies can be as user-friendly and accessible as traditional online services.

The timing of this rebrand is significant, as it coincides with ongoing developments in the ENS ecosystem, including the upcoming ENSv2.

By refreshing its brand now, ENS is preparing to welcome new users to an improved and more accessible platform as these technical advancements roll out.

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