Noctis Coin to Revolutionize Meme Coins with Gaming Twist


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Over the past months, meme coins have been on a solid rise. One of the crypto meme coins that has been gaining a lot of attention lately is Noctis Coin, a fresh entrant in the meme coin arena, promising not just laughs but a gaming twist to the traditional meme coin concept. 

From its inception as a meme inspired by the BTC price surge to its long-term goal of becoming the top meme coin by market cap, we delve into the origins of Noctis, its unique features, and the ambitious vision that sets it apart from other meme coins. 

Join us as we explore the quest, the community-driven governance, and the innovative marketing strategies that make Noctis Coin a project to watch in the crypto space.

Interview with Noctis Coin

How did the idea of creating Noctis come to you?

Well, we’re quite a Degen team, so obviously, we love memes, and we always wanted to create one. However, dogs, frogs, and cats were so repetitive that we were exhausted with that idea. 

So, we thought about a meme that people could recognize and that could incorporate some gaming elements. That’s when we thought about the meme from the BTC price when it rises. What if we do that, but with memes? So, we laughed. And that’s it, that’s where everything started.

What makes Noctis different from all existing meme coins?

That’s easy! Why invest your money in a token that’s just for fun? Why not participate in a quest with thousands of crazy degens to vanquish all other MEMEs? Don’t you think that’s more entertaining? Let’s start opening doors!

What is the long-term vision for Noctis Coin?

Simply put, to become the first Meme by market cap! However, Noctis doesn’t intend to stop at the last door. The idea of the meme is to assist the community as much as possible. We would love to make CryptoSpace a better place. However, there’s no one better to explain this point than Vitalik.

How will the Noctis community be involved in the project’s governance?

The community is everything here! There won’t be a DAO, but there won’t be governance either. The LP tokens will be burned, so the power over the pool will disappear as well! No one will take control over the project through the power of supply; the holders are the heart of the project.

What is the plan for marketing and promoting Noctis Coin?

The marketing will increase step by step, but at any time, the snowball could start rolling, and it will be unstoppable at one point. The marketing will not only be done by the team, but also with the help of the community, sending stickers and pointing out the next victim of Noctis. Jump in, spread the word, and enjoy.

How liquity is verified for the token?

All the project’s liquidity (the presale proceeds) will be added to the pool and all the LPs generated will be burned, making it impossible for anyone to recover those funds, so everything will be left in the hands of the community holders.

What is the team’s experience in building and managing cryptocurrency projects?

Even that the community is everything, someone has to start all of this movement, so the team that created the coin is composed of multiple people with years of experience in the crypto ecosystem. From developers collaborating at top 30 protocols by market cap to founders of world-recognized projects. 

What are the tokenomics of Noctis Coin? 

Token Symbol: $NOCTIS

Total Token Supply: 666,666,666,666 $NOCTIS

Token Distribution:

6% allocated to the team
6% for Marketing and Listings
44% for Liquidity
44% from the Presale
No Softcap
No Hardcap
100% to Liquidity
100% LPs Burned


As we come to the end of our look into Noctis Coin, it’s clear that it’s not just another meme coin trying to get into the crypto world. People in the community are taking a risk by combining the worlds of gaming and cryptocurrency to give users a unique and exciting experience. 

Noctis Coin is aiming to make waves in the crypto space with its dedication to openness and vision that goes beyond just tokenomics. Noctis Coin wants you to join its quest and be a part of a journey that will change what a meme coin can be, whether you’re an experienced crypto fan or a newcomer interested in how memes and games can work together. 

Users can also join the Noctis community on X (Twitter) and Telegram to receive important updates and news.


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